Japanese – Beginners (Tues EVE)

Date(s) - 08/05/2018 - 26/06/2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Norwich High School

With Natsue Hayward

This course is an introduction to the Japanese language. Because Japanese is very different from European languages, you might find it challenging at first, but I will teach you gently and slowly in a friendly environment. Soon you’ll be speaking Japanese with confidence and enjoying it. You’ll also begin to appreciate that Japanese is not so strange after all – did you know that around 10% of Japanese words are derived from English?

The aim of this course is to get to know ‘survival Japanese’, so I’ll focus on conversations that would be useful to you if you were visiting Japan. In each lesson you’ll learn grammar and vocabulary through very simple, natural dialogues.

I will also be introducing Japanese characters, which come in three types – hiragana, katakana and kanji. Japanese writing, while difficult, is one of the most interesting aspects of learning Japanese and I promise you’ll find this complex and beautiful communication system both fascinating and addictive!

Along the way we’ll also be discussing Japanese culture, both ancient and modern.


Course book: Japanese for Busy People (Book/CD Pack) Romanized version, Revised 3rd Edition. By Association for Japanese-Language Teaching.

Price approx. £15

About the tutor

Tutor: Natsue Hayward (BA in English and American Literature, Teaching Japanese as Foreign Language 420hrs, Obtained and Completed in Japan)

I have lived in Norwich for 20 years with my family. After 6 Years of PA and PR work for the Centre for Japanese Studies at UEA, I have started to work in a school office.  I do voluntary work around schools and the community such as school trips, exchange programmes, PR events, governing body, etc.  I like meeting people in the community, travelling, learning languages, archaeology and birdwatching.

I would like to take a communicative approach to encourage pupils to get to know Japanese people in Norwich to start using the language straight away!

Textbook: Japanese for Busy People (Book/ CD Pack) Romanised version, Revised 3rd Edition.  By Association for Japanese-Language Teaching.   Price £15-20.