German Beginners – (MON EVE)

Date(s) - 04/02/2019 - 25/03/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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City of Norwich School

With Michael Struppek

Beginners (term 1)

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to engage with German language. It will set you up for further study across the year.

I prepare my own learning materials and try to individualise lessons as much as possible. Abilities, interests and jobs of students will always find their way into my lessons.

Students should be able to produce simple, but complete sentences after only one lesson – using building blocks each time to expand on learning.

It is never only about grammar but also about the way a language works – and how that influences ways of thinking. German lessons should also deal with the culture of the country – it’s habits, history and idiosyncrasies.

What you will learn during this course:

  1. The Awful German Language – is Mark Twain right?


1.1 To be or not to be – Die Verben sein und haben (to be and to have)
1.2 Me, myself and I – Die sechs grammatischen Personen (grammatical persons)
1.3That dog is a he – Basiswortschatz und Geschlechter (first vocabulary and gender)

  1. Walk this way – regular conjugation and first prepositions

    2.1 Use the trunk – Die reguläre Konjugation (regular conjugation of verbs)
    2.2 Where is it? – Lokale Präpositionen                                       (prepositions)
    2.3 Go for it! – Erste Sätze (first sentences)
  1. In this case… Einführung in die Fälle                                                 (introduction to cases)

3.1  The great bending – Was Fälle können                                  (What is the function of cases?)
3.2 What’s he drinking? – Erklärung Akkusativ (the accusative case)
3.3 In the opposition – Gegenteile (opposites)

  1. To whom it may concern – der Dativ

4.1  With whom? – Erklärung Dativ                                                  (the dative case)
4.2  Two out of four – Wann Dativ, wann Akkusativ?               (when to use dative, when accusative)
4.3 Finally something to drink! – Wie man ein Bier bestellt und sich begrüßt                                                                                                                                             (greeting and ordering beer)

  1. Dative accused of killing genitive – Der Genitiv

    5.1 It’s mine! – Erklärung Genitiv (the genitive case)
    5.2  1,2,3,4 – Alle Fälle im Überblick (review cases)
    5.3  Beware of the Wordmonster!                                                 (composite words)
  1. Hamlet was a prince… Das Imperfekt

6.1          Written language – waren und hatten                                   (to be and to have in the imperfect tense)
6.2          Since when? – Temporale Präpositionen                             (prepositions of time)
6.3          My first German poem                                                                  (poetry and rhyme)

  1. Tasty!  – Lebensmittel

7.1          Five a day – Früchte, Gemüse, Fleisch                                    (fruits, vegetables, meat)
7.2          Germans can be polite, too – die Modalverben                 (want and would like)
7.3          No Enigma – Zahlen und mathematische Begriffe            (numbers and calculating)

  1. Goethe, Schiller & Co. – Deutsches Pubquiz

8.1          Pubquiz about Germany
8.2          Once again – Wiederholung                                                       (review and questions)
8.3          Was nun? – Ausblick auf einen weiteren Kurs                    (outlook to future learning and courses)


About the tutor

I was born in 1969 near Hamburg, Germany. After training in a small publishing house I worked in various positions in the publishing industry till I opened a book shop for new and antique books. I Followed my wife and my curiosity to the UK,  where I started to work as a tutor and translator. I have been teaching language since 2013 with students of all ages and levels. My proudest achievement? Having shown to hundreds of students that the German language is actually able to transport poetry!