English Classes

Enrol now: £96 x 8 weeks (2 hour sessions).

We are offering English classes at an affordable price as we want our provision to be inclusive.

For an eight week course, with two hours contact time per week, we charge £96. That’s just £6 per hour.

We offer a complete range of courses from beginner to proficiency level including:


General English Group
Beginners English
IELTS Preparation
TOEFL Preparation
English for Business
English for University Studies
Conversation Class
British Citizenship


Course content will depend on the level and type of class but will be negotiated with students according to their needs.

Courses will run across the academic year. On completing an 8-week course you can choose to enrol for the next stage.

All courses will help you improve key English language areas and skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary.

As well as improving your skills, pronunciation and improving your accuracy and range in grammar and vocabulary, we hope to develop your confidence in your abilities.

We will generally use a course book but this will be supplemented with ‘authentic texts’ such as internet recordings and newspaper articles to ensure materials are up-to-date and relevant.

Courses will encourage independent learning and give techniques to improve study skills both inside and outside the classroom. There will be regular homework and assessment. As you progress, we can give you guidance about how to achieve your long term English goals.

We hope to foster a warm, open and tolerant classroom environment so that you feel comfortable to express yourself and to enhance your learning experience.

More information about course types:

General English courses at lower levels will include ‘every day’ or ‘social’ English to help students feel confident with daily interactions such as going to a café or buying a bus ticket. They will also aim to cover the basics in grammar and vocabulary.

At higher levels, General English courses will cover a variety of topics and look at language in both formal and informal settings. They will also have a ‘real-life’ relevance.

Exam preparation courses will improve all 4 skills, ensure familiarity with task types, give practice and help you with exam techniques such as time management. Exams must be done externally but we can provide guidance on how to enrol as well as information about test dates, prices and locations.

Business English has a more practical focus, looking at areas such as telephoning in English, writing formal letters/ e-mails, presenting skills, and negotiating.

English for University studies aims to develop particular skills for academic purposes, including writing essays, reading for research, listening to lectures and seminars and giving presentations.

Conversation classes will aid fluency and give you a chance to engage in lively discussion with topics chosen by the group.

British Citizenship Courses will guide you through the topics in the Life in the UK handbook in a more engaging way if you are planning on taking the test to apply for UK citizenship or permanent residency.

Subject to interest we can also run language courses connected to culture such as film or literature courses intended specifically for foreign adults living in the UK.

See our English Language options on our course pages for a full range of times and dates.