Turkish for Beginners

Date(s) - 04/02/2021 - 25/03/2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Hewett Academy

With Hilal Smith
Turkish is a very old language, derived from ancient Turkic Languages in Asia. Because of this it is related to Japanese and Mongolic languages and sounds very different from most European Languages. However, it uses the Latin alphabet and has borrowed vocabulary from French, English, Arabic, Greek and Persian. These features make the process of learning Turkish easier. Moreover, every letter in Turkish has its own individual soundings and when you learn how to sound a letter, it will be the same in any words.

During the course we will learn basic Turkish to develop key skills from ordering food to asking directions. We will learn essential vocabulary which will help you during your visit to Turkey or communicating with your Turkish family members and friends. Whatever your reasons for choosing to learn Turkish, as a beginner you will be welcomed into a friendly environment with a native Turkish teacher ready to adapt to your individual learning skills.

During the course you will learn:
Week 1 General information about the Turkish Language, Greetings, Introducing yourself.
Week 2-3 Sounding letters, basic verbs and questions, pronouns, numbers; shopping, ordering food, money
Week 4-5 Basic Tenses in Turkish, times, days of the week and months; Travelling, Directions
Week 6-7 Role play in a restaurant, an airport, in a bus station or ordering a taxi (Tenses, times)
Week 8 We will look back at the topics we have learned.


About the tutor

I am a native Turkish speaker, trained as a teacher and taught in Turkey. I’ve been in Norwich for ten years and recently taught Turkish for Norfolk Adult Education and worked at some schools in Norwich.

My home town, Antalya, is a very multicultural, touristic town famous for its beautiful
Mediterranean beaches. In general Turkish people are very welcoming and friendly, and you will receive the same warmness in our Turkish class. I have learnt many things from my previous experiences and believe that creating a positive atmosphere makes for successful learning. You will have lots of opportunities to practise Turkish and be able to see your progress through fun learning activities.